Video for any sized business

We've helped plenty of different businesses get started using video. Our Video Crash Courses give you everything you need to start producing your own corporate videos and screencasts. Footage, templates, hints and tips to get you finished quicker.

Corporate video to help any business, at any size.

Video isn't a marketing strategy but it is an effective way to boost your message on social media, websites, trade shows, in-store and online. The Video Crash Course runs through everything you need to know about creating video that works and helps you get started with all the resources you need.
All the resources you need


Download the video files, templates, graphics and animations you can use in your own project. Watch all the lessons to step you through the entire process.
Your own video, quick.


The 7 lessons have been designed to help you get through the entire production process, using the resources provided, to produce your own, effective, corporate videos.

Script-writing and Rationale

Download the script and rationale templates. Learn to how to start writing for your corporate video quickly and stay on-track.  

Presentation and Recording

Download our free footage to use in your project and learn a few simple presentation tips to help you, or someone else, get in front of a camera comfortably and start recording.  

Editing your Video

Get started with the basic of editing, broken over 3 lessons we go into creating a rough cut, adding titles, special effects, music and exporting your files. Our complete project is available to download so you can see what goes into a complete video.  

Looking at your reports and analytics

Once your video is finished, the hard work can start! We'll look into the strategy around where to upload and what you can learn from your statistics.  

I'm Chris

After graduating University with a degree in Television Production in 2009... I went straight into producing corporate video. The ability make an impact at any level and generate real value for businesses, brands and people is incredibly fulfilling. With video becoming easier to produce, I feel it's just as important to have a clear idea behind why we're producing it, tracking results and implementing strategies to ensure we're reaching our goals.


Nearly anyone can make a video.. Getting it seen will be the real challenge. That's the focus here at Bootgum. Video services that are effective for you, whatever level you're at


Ipswich, Queensland