Free Corporate Video Stock Resources

Free Corporate Video Stock Resources

Need free video for your corporate video projects?

Here’s the deal; Free Video for you to use and remix within your own projects. Commercial, for-profit, business videos.

The trade-off? There’s a watermark. I fully expect you to crop it out, add a blur, slap a bigger logo over the top; but you can use the footage however you need.

The footage is there for you to use, the watermark is there so I can remind you to come back, check out the new footage occasionally, and perhaps even find out more about corporate video specifically through the Bootgum Video Crash Course – Check it out for free to get an idea of how to start using video to drive your business goals online.. Or perhaps you just want the longer clips, without the branding in full HD (1920 x 1080).




As part of my Video Crash Course, I’ve started to create a library of video users can download and use within their projects, but obviously, the video itself can help a lot of people creating corporate video on a time limit, or people who want to do video professionally for clients but need a quick way to grab video to fill in the blanks.

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