Video Crash Course – Orientation


The bare minimum to do the Course is Screen Recording software and a laptop. It's also worth looking into a dedicated video editor to follow along.

What we’re going to cover

Let's get you started creating awesome videos for your business! We'll cover what you need to start the course, but also, what to expect by the time you finish. The different topics we'll cover during the course, what you'll receive and the type of video you'll have by the end.

Video Lesson 01

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Welcome to Creating Beautiful Screencast Videos

Creating a screencast or, a screen capture looks easy enough to do yourself and yeah, it is. The biggest problem is that, an interesting screencast is hard to do.. All the technology and software you need to create one is easy to get your hands on, I wanted to take this a step further, how can you make the best screencasts and use them to really stand out against the competition. This course is about giving you that edge, the knowledge, the stock footage you can use in your videos, the music and the editing and production techniques.

What you need to get started, What you’re going to get and what you’re going to have at the end.

To give you a good idea of what you’re going to get, we’ll basically cover off how I created this, 30 second screencast and how you can create something like this for your business or product.

All you need to get started is a computer and some software that can record your screen. I also recommend having some dedicated editing software.

For this course I'll be using,

- Camtasia for screen recording.
- Adobe Premiere Elements for Video Editing.
- A phone for recording audio.
- A Laptop for recording and editing.

Most of the software I use is free for 30 days to trial. it’s about $100 to buy outright, it’s got great support, a great support community and we are going to be doing a few things that’s going to require a level of video editing to help you stand out.

Feel free to shop around, there are free options available as well. The tips we cover in the course are going to be relevant with a lot of other system, my advice to find the software with the best online support community and something you feel comfortable using because when it comes to creating video for your business, brand or organization, a quick turn-around is important to start reaping that value quickly.

So, if you like what you see, sign up for the full course, and hey, let’s get started.

There’s 4 more videos, 10 - 15 minutes each, each lesson comes complete with resources you can use. With a few hours work, you’ll have an awesome video to show off your product and the knowledge on how to make it better. Cheers.
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